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David I would just like to say that the instructions included with the re-foam kit that I just received from you guys were BRILLIANT. I purchased the AR 28LS speakers 30+ years ago and sent them off to be re-foamed some years ago then I come across your web sight and though I would give it a go. The key is patience and im happy to say the speakers sound like new once again. I would (i mean have) recommended your site to others already.  AR28LS

Just a quick note to thank you for the refoaming kit for my Beovox 3702s.  The instructions were exemplary and I am delighted to report that the task of fitting the foams was straightforward, and the results excellent.

I had anticipated a new pair of speakers, yet with the new foams fitted my old speakers are perfectly satisfactory; you have saved me literally hundreds of pounds!

Beovox 3702

I have recently re-foamed a pair of AR 1MS speakers and the results are fantastic. Despite their age, I was most disappointed that they had failed, but now these amazing little speakers are back to rude health.

I repaired just the one on which the foam surround was crumbling away, with great success, and waited to see how soon the other would fail. It did so within a month, so their finite life was well judged, as is your advice to repair both at the same time.

The repairs were very straightforward – with such small cones, it was easy to ‘feel’ that they were centred as the outer rim of the surround was glued to the frame.

Sadly, my father threw away a pair of large, expensive AR speakers a few years ago because of crumbling foam surrounds – they could have been saved had we known about your products.

I don’t usually write ‘unsolicited testimonials’, but your kits are excellent value and  I shall definitely recommend them to others.

Craig Just wanted to say thanks. I received my re foam kit for my Kef 104/2 Raymond Cooke edition speakers earlier this week. I've just completed the repair and am delighted with the result. I can't believe my old speakers sound this good. Thanks again. Kef 104/2

I recently purchased your re-foam kit for 4 JBL1 monitor speakers, which I bought at least 10/15 years ago. When cleaning them recently I discovered that the surround foam had disintegrated on all of them. At first I thought they were beyond repair, but after searching the net came across you on e-bay. Yesterday I got down to the repair and within a few hours they were all done. The first one was obviously the slowest, but with the aid of your instructions became more confident and faster with each one. Today I re-assembled them all, connected them back to the amplifier and put on a CD. The result? FANTASTIC! They sound great, it’s amazing how one doesn’t notice the slow deterioration in sound quality over a period of time.

Many thanks, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the kit supplied, the instructions are spot on and the cost excellent. Delivery was also impressive as i received them, here in France, just a few days after ordering them. You can quote me on any of this.


Just to let you know that I bought a re-foam kit from you for my very old pair of AR18s speakers. The foam had disintegrated virtually completly. I actually bought the kit over 12 months ago, but then housemoves and life in general got in the way.
On saturday morning I sat down and started the job. By Sunday night I had finished, giving the appropriate time for the glue to dry etc.
I now have a pair of speakers that sound as good as all those years ago when I brought them home from the shop.
Nice kit - well done, I even have cotton buds, a brush and craft glue left over to keep the grandchildren amused.


I am trying them out at the the moment and they sound brillent you don'r realise how the sound changes over the years and it was only hearing a cd distort and them seeing the splits in the foams i found i had a problem. But they are now awesome i am so pleased i bought the kit.
Thanks so much for not just selling the kit but taking an interest in the outcome.


Thank you so much for your help my re-foaming repair is perfect!! My speakers are the only thing I have left that my late wife bought for me and I'm so happy to have been able to have kept the original woofers.

Your advice, repair kit, swift delivery and excellent instructions made the job so simple , it was done in a couple of hours; after leaving the glue to dry overnight I have just reassembled the speakers and the sound is as good as the day I got them some 27 years ago! All the old Vinyl will be getting some stick today mate lol.

Memorex 304 
Its so nice to have feed back, thank you all for your comments. Greg